They'll know we are Christians by our love.



Sharing God's word was part of the life of the Christians in the first century. We have many opportunities for you to participate in Bible Studies and learning how to share your faith.


We are still following in Jesus' footsteps.


Come join in many of the activities that are planned for us throughout the entire year.

Welcome to our new site. There will be some changes as it grows with us. Please see me if you would like to make photo, story, audio, video, art, or other contributions.


Welcome to the....


Church of Christ of the Palm Beaches!



We welcome you to worship with us on Sunday mornings and whenever we meet. When you come to worship with us you will discover people who greet you with warmth and sincerity; people who are genuinely glad that you’re here; people who mean it when they say, “I hope you will come back again, real soon.”


The worship assemblies are times of praise and prayer, sharing in the Lord’s Supper and giving, along with strong Biblical preaching and practical application to fill our hearts and minds with exactly what we need in order to go back into the world and shine brightly for Jesus Christ.


We are a church family. People are always busy serving the Lord and others at the Church of Christ of the Palm Beaches.  Do you have a sincere love for God's word and his people? Then visit us real soon. We would love to have you as our special guest. Since you're already here, check out our website and FB pages. If you need directions or times, please check out our Contact page. Thank you for stopping by.